Possessing a scarce quantity, a prime location right at the beginning of Nhat Tan Bridge, converging the vitality and fortune of the ancient land of thousands of years of civilization, Sunshine Riverside penthouse apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside is an ideal destination to attract a large number of people. 


Sunshine Riverside project is located in Ciputra urban area, right on the South bank of the Red River with a planning area of ​​11,953m2, of which the construction area is estimated at 3,773m2, a total of 932 apartments, designed with a height of 31 - 34 floors with 2 basements.
- Investor: Sunshine Group
- Project name: Sunshine Riverside commercial service apartment project.
- Commercial name: Sunshine Riverside Phu Thuong Apartment.
- Location: Land lot CT03A – CT. Belongs to land lot CT - 03 Nam Thang Long urban area.
- Scale: 32-34 floors high, 2 basements.
- Total area: 11953 m2
- The total number of apartments: 932 apartments, 57 to 114sqm (including from 2 to 4 bedrooms).
- General contractor: Vinaconex 1 and Vinaconex 9
- Design unit: Sunshine - Design Joint Stock Company
- Supervision consulting unit: CONINCO Infrastructure Development Investment & Construction Consultant Joint Stock Company.
- Expected completion: Quarter IV/2018


Sunshine Riverside project is located in the complex of Nam Thang Long urban area, directly benefiting from the leading service system of the leading international urban area in Vietnam. From the project, residents can easily move to Nhat Tan Bridge with only 500m of travel, 1.5km from West Lake, 4km from Buoi market, 1km from United Nations International School (UNIS).
In addition, the project is located in an area that gathers a variety of perfect service facilities including Ciputra Club, Ciputra Mall Complex, International Golf Course,... as neighbors with a rich and civilized community.



Besides villas, penhouses for rent or sale in Sunshine Riverside that attract a lot of attention from customers. There are only 14 Penthouses in the project and are located in buildings R1, R2 and R3. Buildings R1 and R3 each have 04 units, while Building R2 has 06 units. The area of ​​the apartments ranges from 150m2 to 250m2, including 03 and 04-bedroom apartments. These are the apartments with the largest area and the largest number of bedrooms in the project.

Design of penthouse apartment in Sunshine Riverside

For 3-bedroom apartments, there will be 02 bathrooms and especially a common living room. You can customize the use of this room. Can be used as an extra bedroom or reading room. With 04 bedrooms, there will be 03 bathrooms. Especially with a larger area, the 4-bedroom apartment is also arranged with an additional room for the maid and a separate storage room.

The living room, entrance hall and kitchen of the penthouses are arranged adjacent to each other to create a large and extremely open space for the common living area. Each apartment is also arranged with a large dining area, enough for the whole family to use. Each room is guaranteed to have large windows or sliding doors to help receive the most air and light, and also help the view from the room become larger. The logo part of the penthouses is also larger than normal apartments, customers can arrange a bonsai garden or small table and chairs, sip a cup of tea and watch the blue sky.

Design of Penthouse in Sunshine Riverside

The Penthouses are designed with a modern style but are extremely luxurious and classy. The interior is selected and finished from materials such as genuine leather, stone, natural tiles, and precious wood, bringing elegance and class. It is also a square design that saves space and is easy to arrange furniture.


A penthouse apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside is located in 3 buildings R1, R2, and R3 at the center of Sunshine Riverside project. 

From the apartment, you can see the central landscape, the school area and the villa area. This is the area with the best view of the project. The project is located adjacent to Vo Chi Cong Street and Nhat Tan Bridge, which will be extremely convenient for customers when moving to Noi Bai airport.

From the project, customers can easily move to Ho Guom Chi with 20 minutes to travel Au Co street. With that much time, through Vo Chi Cong street, customers can move to Cau Giay and Kim Ma areas. Or with just 10 minutes of travel, customers can go to the Diplomatic Corps area.
Strength in design and unique in-class view, Sunshine Riverside penthouse apartment promises to bring a high-class living space to the upper-class community.

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