As one of the types of apartments that are highly interesting and sought after by customers, 3-bedroom apartments fully meet the needs of customers, from comfortable space to modern design. Possessing outstanding strengths, 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Sunshine Riverside offer the capital's community the to choose the most luxurious apartments, promising to be the most attractive investment product today.


The 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Sunshine Riverside are located in 03 buildings R1, R2, and R3, located in the center of Sunshine Riverside project. On the left are the school area and the villa area. On the right is the landscape area of ​​the project. From the project, you can see Nhat Tan Bridge shimmering colors at night. The roads around the project are newly built and planned very wide and open to help customers easily move. From Sunshine Riverside project, customers can move to Noi Bai airport in 25 minutes and 5 minutes to reach Dong Anh area via Nhat Tan bridge.

Location of Sunshine Riverside

It also takes customers only 20 minutes to move to Cau Giay area, 15 minutes to move to the windy West Lake and romantic flower valley. Customers also only take 10 minutes to move to the diplomatic corps or 20 minutes to move to My Dinh area. Customers can rest assured that traffic moves at all hours during the project without having to worry about traffic jams.


The 3-bedroom apartments in Sunshine Riverside are arranged in 03 high-class apartment buildings, R1, R2 and R3. Buildings R1 and R2 have a height of 31 floors, building R2 is located between the other two buildings and has a height of 34 floors. The 3-bedroom apartments have an area of ​​​​99-122m2, arranged with 03 bathrooms. Unlike 01 and 02-bedroom apartments, 03-bedroom apartments will not be arranged in multi-purpose rooms. However, this is not an issue that customers need to worry about. As we have been compensated by the larger apartment area, more bedrooms and the loggia, the windows in the rooms are also larger.
03-bedroom apartments in buildings R1 and R2 will be used with 03 elevators, 01 goods elevator, and 02 stairs. Building R2 will be used with 06 elevators, 02 goods elevators, and 03 stairs. Especially in the R1 and R2 trains, you will enjoy the green space of the hanging garden. This is a very special utility in the project.

3-bedroom apartments for sale in Sunshine Riverside

The 03-bedroom apartment in the project is delicately designed, blending luxury and modernity. The luxury is brought from meticulously finished interior items. Produced from luxurious materials such as genuine leather, natural stone, wood, and high-class tiles. At the same time, the interior items are also squarely designed with intersecting straight lines, creating a modern style, saving space but still fully functional.


When living at the project, customers will enjoy high-class amenities such as Spa system, gym, yoga, infinity pool, and hanging garden... moments of great relaxation and improved health, enjoy life.

Customers can also comfortably shop, play, and eat thanks to a system of busy commercial centers, high-class restaurant chains, coffee chains, sky bars, cinemas... demand from the ordinary every day to the luxury.


In addition, it is impossible not to mention the smart home system that applies advanced technologies to best serve the owner. Customers can customize the apartment according to their wishes. The apartment will always be under the control of the owners and can be controlled via the application on smart mobile devices.
More than a house is an ideal place to live. With the mission of bringing the best quality products to customers, the investor Sunshine Group has created a complex of Sunshine Riverside apartments for sale to fully meet the needs of luxury, standard, and comfortable living. in the middle of the busy city.

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