Sunhine Riverside is located in Ciputra, inheriting all of the top utilities of this most luxurious urban area in Hanoi such as: Ciputra Club, Ciputra Mall Shopping Center, International Golf ... This is also the place where gather a wealthy and civilized community of people - tangible values that create the level of an upscale residential area.


Sunshine Riverside



- Function of land use: High-rise housing, Commercial services, kindergartens, schools
- Total area: 30.452 m2
- Total floor area is 123,991 m2, including land area of 11,953 m2, construction area of 3,773 m2, number of floors 31-34, apartments 932, commercial centers, schools, parking areas and areas another area.
- Total investment capital: VND 25,000 billion
- Time for completion: Quarter IV / 2018
Plan of Sunshine Riverside


SUNSHINE RIVERSIDE project is located at the top of Nhat Tan bridge on the southern bank of Red River, on Phu Thuong land famous for ancient peaches. This is considered to be a spiritual area of ​​the literary capital of thousands of years, where are sandy elements considered the most beautiful in terms of feng shui.
Location of Sunshine Riverside Tay Ho
- According to the studies of geomancy and vein, the land of "long mourning dragon" of Thang Long - Hanoi is created by two main mountain circuits starting from the top of Ba Vi (in the West) and the top of Tam. The island (in the East), in parallel with Tam Dao circuit, is the Red River with the shape like a dragon stretching along the Southeast - Northwest axis. Accordingly, the southern bank area (the side) of the Red - Duong river confluence belongs to the strip of Phu Thuong - Nhat Tan around West Lake, which is the place of condensate gas and has the elements of sand considered the most beautiful in Ha. Private cabinet in terms of feng shui.
In terms of regional planning, the project is the first connection point in the Nhat Tan - Noi Bai axial planning project with the idea of ​​"Dragon welcomes pearl", the main backbone is the highway connecting from the airport to the middle. The center of the city and the head of the Dragon head towards the West Lake - the Red River. Located at the heart of the "Dragon's Head" area, Sunshine Riverside opened an unlimited view to the poetic West Lake, the Red River and the Nhat Tan Bridge shimmering colors, inheriting all the beauty. inherent nature of the landscape of this area, as well as fresh and airy environmental conditions.
Convenient transportation, the project is located close to the southern bank of Red River, close to Vo Chi Cong Street is the internal and external traffic arterial line of the northeastern gateway of Hanoi, with the gauge up to 60m connected directly Nhat Tan bridge. From here, it is easy to move to the center or to the outskirts of the city, or straight to Noi Bai airport after only 15 minutes of travel.


With 3 apartment towers (2 31-storey high buildings and 1 34-storey building), Sunshine Riverside apartments are built with an area ranging from 58m2 - 199m2, respectively designed 1-3 bedrooms.



Each apartment is designed modernly and smartly with lots of open space to ensure natural light source and air convection as well as create a flexible connection between functional rooms.

- Each apartment has a separate balcony.

- Interior equipment in each apartment is fully equipped with international standards: kitchen cabinets, electric cookers, hoods, bathtubs, glass bathrooms, wall cabinets ....

- Natural stone floors or high quality industrial wood floors in bedrooms

- Lighting system

- Ceiling air conditioning system.

- Doorbell system displays images

- Door lock system integrates 3 fingerprint features, codes and backup keys

- The main door is made of fire-resistant industrial wooden doors


Mock room in Sunshine Riverside Tay Ho


Each apartment is designed modernly and smartly with lots of open space to ensure natural light source and air convection as well as create a flexible connection between functional rooms.



As planned, Sunshine Riverside Apartment Building will be invested into a complex of high-class condominiums, large-scale commercial centers and office services, specifically as follows:
  Scale: Including 3 tall buildings 31-34 floating floors, 2 basements.
  ♦ 02 basements for smart parking, moving easily with the elevator system right in the building.
  ♦ 03 floor blocks designed as commercial centers and offices for lease class A.
  ♦ 3rd floor: Exclusive for high-end utility services such as indoor swimming pool, restaurant, outdoor café, community living room, spa, ...
  ♦ 4th floor to 34th floor: high-class self-contained apartments
  ♦ More than 50% of the area is reserved for green trees, children's playgrounds, outdoor sports areas, walking paths, nursery gardens, ...
  ♦ Total number of apartments: 932 apartments, 56-114m2

Master plan of R1 Sunshine Riverside


Design: Apartment space is designed in a modern and luxurious style on various areas from 64-170m2, 3 types of apartments 1-3 rooms suitable for the purpose of each family.

Sunshine Riverside will be a suitable choice for many family structures such as young, multi-generational families, which provide service facilities suitable for each family member.
Master plan of R3 Sunshine Riverside


The highlight of Sunshine Riverside condominium is the closed quality service system. Customers and families can find here all the utilities needed for life's needs such as:
- Education: 5-star inter-international school right in the project, surrounded by a number of prestigious schools such as UNIS International School, Singapore International School, Hanoi Academy ...
- Hospital: polyclinic, near hospital E
- Trade: a large trade center provides everything from necessities to high-end products
- Entertainment & sports: children's play area, modern gym & spa area, large swimming pool ...

Sunshine Maple Bear Elementary School

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